Chicken soup with meat, carrot and noodles
1 290 Ft

Fisherman’s soup with catfish fillet
                                                                                      Plate 0,4 l   2150 Ft               Kettle 0,6 l   2650 Ft

Fisherman’s soup with carp slices
                                                                                      Plate 0,4 l  1850 Ft                   Kettle 0,6 l 2250 FT
Tarragon calf ragout soup with fresh vegetables
1 590 Ft
Daily  cream soup ​1 290 Ft
Lettuce with bread croutons, homemade yoghurt, basil, egg
1 990 Ft

Smoked trout, pickled paprika, mango-mayonnaise, radicchio, horseradish

2 250 Ft
Ravioli filled with calf tongue, sour crean-paprika sauce, cheese
2 250 Ft
Cheese plate  
1 990 Ft


Roast chicken leg fillet, spinach-tomato salad, ramsons pesto
3 190 Ft
Duck breast with kohlrabi gratin, orange, fennel, onion jam
3 790 Ft
Roast zander, carrot scone, spinach with sesame seed, yoghurt with basil
4 590 Ft

Catfish stew with quark cheese noodles

4 200 Ft

Roasted trout, kohlrabi gratin, puff pastry with mushrooms, riesling sauce

3 890 Ft

Breaded pork, homemade French fries, vegetables with mayonnaise

3 190 Ft
Pork cheek with red wine and vegetables, egg barley, marinated paprika stuffed with cottage cheese
3 190 Ft

Lamb shank, layered vegetables with cheese, radicchio

4 900 Ft

Crispy pork with roasted potatoes, fried onion, sauerkraut
3 990 Ft
Beef stew with beans and dumplings
3 690 Ft
Beef striploin with grilled vegetables, potato cream, cold tomato chutney
4 900 Ft
Rabbit with carrot-mustard sauce, bread dumplings
3 990 Ft


Layered vegetables with mozzarella, zucchini-spinach sauce
2 890 Ft
   Fresh salad with mustard dressing                                                                                               890 Ft

For Kids... 

Fried Chicken Breast with French Fries1 990 Ft

Roast chicken breast with sour cream-paprika sauce, dumplings
1 990 Ft
Crispy cheese sticks in pasta, rice and jam
2 490 Ft


Quark cake with homemade jam
1 290 Ft
Caramel-chocolate chip cookies
1 290 Ft
Sponge cake with rhubarb, cold vanilla sauce (Gluten and Laktozfree)
1 290 Ft

Quark cheese noodles2 590 Ft